Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Function: Software Development

Tech Stack: Full-stack Web Development. You’ll be using Python, Javascript, CSS, React.js, RDBMS but may have to work on other languages and web frameworks based on the part of the system that you’re working on and what it requires.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Here are some things you can expect in your job:

  • Design: You’ll be working on designing and architecting robust, extensible and scalable products and systems
  • Development & Testing: Software development for real projects and products, and testing to ensure its of the highest quality. This is a full-stack web development role, so you’ll be working on the front end, the middle-tier/web services, and also the backend for web-based systems. 
  • Learning: Lots of it! You will be learning a lot and applying what you’ve learnt.
  • Analysis: You’ll analyse the different ways to achieve an objective and articulate the one best-suited for the need
  • Mentoring: You’ll get opportunities to mentor team members and also get mentored
  • Share and Present: You’ll get opportunities to present your analysis, share your viewpoints and showcase what you’ve built
  • Deploy: You’ll be setting up environments and deploying software
  • Document: You’ll organise your work using documents and other artefacts
  • Communicate: You’ll use a combination of tools to stay connected and aligned with the team.


  • Experience: 2-4 years experience in a relevant role
  • Technical Skills:
    • Proficient with Python and Django
    • Knowledge of Javascript, CSS, React.js and Javascript frameworks
    • Good knowledge of relational databases and SQL
    • Exposure to Unix/Linux platforms
    • Experience using Git or other source control systems 
    • [Optional] Knowledge of AWS or other Cloud platforms
    • [Optional] Knowledge of Web Services
    • [Optional] Exposure to CMSs (WordPress etc.) and eCommerce platforms (Magento, WooCommerce)
    • [Optional] Familiarity with Agile practices
  • Soft Skills:
    • Willingness to work on varied technologies, platforms and frameworks
    • Curiosity and being a fast self-learner 
    • Good communication skills, both spoken and written
    • Be self-driven and own things independently
    • Be a team player 
  • Laptop: Should have your own laptop
  • Phone and Stable Internet connection: This position will require remote collaboration so a stable internet connection and communication tools like WhatsApp, Skype/Google Meet will be required.


  • Location: We’re located in Dwarka, New Delhi. This position is not a Remote work position per-say but it will temporarily be in a remote/WFH model. Candidates located in the Delhi NCR region are preferable since occasional visits to office may be required. However, outstation candidates may apply if they meet the other requirements of this position.


  • Flexible timings
  • Learning Reimbursement
  • Medical insurance reimbursement

To Apply, mail us your profile on [email protected]